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Become an OAA Affiliated Club


To be an affiliated club, the club would need to have a 20 yard indoor range and would host all (most) of our mail-in tournaments. Pretty simple!


In return for hosting the events, the affiliated club will get:

  • Fifty percent (50%) of the mail-in event registration fees received from your club.
  • Promotional space on our OAA website where shop information, shop hours, pictures and products and services you offer can be posted. Take a look at Ohio Archery Center to get an idea what you can be done.
  • Listed on our OAA Facebook page which has over 1,000 followers.
  • Information about your shops upcoming events listed on our National Events Calendar.
  • Receive all targets and shoot rules/packets prior to each event.

Our OAA desktop and mobile website is getting over 2,500 visits a month from individuals within Ohio who are spending nearly 5 minutes viewing the site. Pretty good Google Analytics numbers for such a small organization. Also by hosting these mail-in events and being an affiliated club, new customers will stop by your club to shoot one of our events who may not have visited your club otherwise. A win-win!


  • At least five NFAA members at the location if a club or one NFAA member if a retail shop. If your NFAA members are not Ohio NFAA members, your club/retail shop is eligible for membership but the archers that are not Ohio affiliation are not eligible for our awards unless they change their state affiliation to Ohio.
  • NFAA Range Inspection must be completed successfully including meeting all safety and indoor range requirements.
  • Completion of either NFAA Club membership or NFAA Retail membership. There is a fee of $30/year and $15/inspection fee.
  • Minimum of six 20-yard shooting lanes.

An officer will respond to your request as soon as we can. Please have photos of your shop/club/range ready to email to the officer once they contact you. This will begin the process of inspection.

To become an affiliated club, a successful inspection must be completed. Ohio Archer's reserves the right to refuse any club/range that does not meet our standards.

Interest In Being An OAA Club

If you have an interest or question about becoming an OAA affiated club, fill out the form below and then click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Fields marked with an must be filled in.

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