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2019 Bowhunter Mail-In

Event Date: January 10-20, 2019

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Latest OAA News

  • The OAA 2019 schedule dates are up on the website. We are still firming up locations but the dates have been set and can be reviewed online at
  • A final thought for 2018 from the webmaster and the VP of OAA ... it was a fantastic year (memborable events and venues, great attendance, great weather, lots of great laughs). It took a great deal of hard work to get the 2018 events together but was well worth the effort. Meeting the shooters and sharing time with them at these events makes this NFAA state chapter very special. All of the OAA shooters are unique friends and usually pretty funny even if your not shooting so well. It is sometimes difficult to remember that what we have here in the state of Ohio is a really "one-of-a-kind" archery organization. It was special for myself, the OAA officers and all of the shooters we get to meet throughout the year. We (the OAA officers) thank you for coming out and making this all possible.
    For everybody who helped with the events and donated their time, all of you deserve a great big "Thank You - You make it all happen." Without your continued support this state chapter would not be possible. The officers of OAA and all the shooters who attend the events appreciate your sweat and hard work even if we don't say it when we see you.
    We are working on our 2019 schedule right now and when it is posted in late September we'll update the site. 2019 is going be another great year of shooting with even more competitive challenges!

Latest NFAA News

  • 10 Top Tips for Shooting Pro Scores Indoors
    Article by Chris Wells. The indoor archery season is upon us. Archers around the globe are preparing to shoot 18 metres. The outdoor archery season is done and – in the northern hemisphere, at least – the days are getting colder, the nights longer and archery's moving indoors. For the next few months, the longer distances will be forgotten and most archery takes place over 18 metres, the standard for the World Archery indoor discipline. (Although there are variations, of course.) Here's 10 top tips on getting prepared for this indoor season…
  • The Vegas Shoot Registration and Hotel Block Now Open
    The largest indoor archery tournament in the world is celebrating its 53rd year at The South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, February 8 – 10, 2019. We have launched a new website entirely dedicated to the shoot: where you can find everything from registration to rules, payouts, a weekend schedule and much more.
  • Arrow Culling
    Article by Rod White, NFAA Bowhunting and Event Coordinator. This may seem like a target archery specific type of blog post…but not at all! In fact, from an ethics perspective, it…

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  Would you be interested in a one-day mixed field event that includes 10 targets of Field Target Faces, 10 targets of Hunter Target Faces and 10 targets of Marked 3D for an 'All Outdoor Field Championship' to be held in August?

2018 Sponsor
Lancaster Archery

Lancaster Archery - An OAA Sponsor

We would like to officially welcome one of the 2018 Gold Sponsors for this year, Lancaster Archery Supply. Everybody in the archery community knows all about Lancaster Archery and their great tournament they put on every year. We appreciate their support and we encourage you to visit their website.

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2018 Shoot of the Year
  • Autumne VandygriffAFBHFS
  • Beverly StambulAFFS
  • Eli HerrickAMBB
  • Dan Murphy AMBHFS
  • Philip CharetteAMFS
  • Rylee McBrideCFFS
  • Zachary OhlinCMBHFS
  • James YahnMSMFS
  • Randy MoroccoPMFS
  • Keith MeadowsSMBHFS
  • Ken AlexanderSMFS
  • Jeff ApelSSMFS
  • Emily IsgroYAFBHFS
  • Jacob LantermanYAMBHFS
  • Garrett WarnockYAMFS
  • Baylee DeerYFBHFS
  • Ena WalterYFFS
  • Collin DanielsYMBHFS
  • Glenn RaffertyYMFS
2018 Super Slam Awards
  • Chelsea ObrebskiAFFSLR
  • Ena WalterYFFS
OAA Iron Archer Award

2018 Iron Archer Awards

We would like to first acknowledge all the archers who shot all seven events this year:

Ken Alexander (SMFS); Dustin Bounce (PMFS); Lori Burnett (AFFS); Philip Charette (AMFS); Kaleb Cook (YMBHFS); Bridgett Crawford (AFBHFS); Collin Daniels (YMBHFS); Frank Faulhaber (SSMBB); Maddy Grimm (AFFS); Mike Hawkinberry (SMBHFS); Joseph Hershberger (AMFS); Eliza Isgro (CFBHFS); Emily Isgro (YAFBHFS); Joseph Joseph (YMBHFS); Steve Kiko (AMFS); Jacob Lanterman (YAMBHFS); Keith Meadows (SMBHFS); Randy Miller (AMBHFS); Kevin Mowers (AMFS); Dan Murphy (AMBHFS); Mikayla Nutt (YFFS); Chelsea Obrebski (AFFSLR); Glenn Rafferty (YMFS); Kyle Roush (AMBHFS); Breanna Rutkowski (AFFS); John Siebert (SSMFS); Joshua Simms (AMFS); Zachary Skeens (YMBHFS); Denis Smith (SMBHFS); William Stevenson (AMFS); Dan Stewart (AMFS); Kody Tanner (YAMFS); Travis Tracey (AMFS); Autumne Vandygriff (AFBHFS); Ena Walter (YFFS); Jace Walters (CMFS); Garrett Warnock (YAMFS); Aaron Welch (YMFS);

Congratulation and we thank you for your support. The winners of the Iron Archer Award are:

  • Keith MeadowsSMBHFS
  • Mikayla NuttYFFS
  • Breanna RutkowskiAFFS
  • Zachary SkeensYMBHFS
  • Jace WaltersCMFS
  • Garrett WarnockYAMFS

The winners will have their NFAA membership paided by the OAA for 2019.

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