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Becoming A Member Has Never Been Easier!

The Ohio Archers Association (OAA) is a state chapter of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA). When you join the NFAA, they ask you what state is your local chapter and that is where you indicate you local chapter (State of Membership) is Ohio. This makes you a member of OAA, as well as a member of NFAA. The benefits of your membership are listed on the right.

Membership costs $60/year for a single individual. Family memberships are $60 for the 1st family member, $10 for the 2nd family member and $5 for each additional family member. We also have rates for lifetime adult and lifetime senior members. Important note: NFAA does not mail out membership cards anymore. They will send you an email which will allow you to download a membership card. So keep an eye out for that email and download your membership card.

Whether you are becoming a new member or renewing your existing NFAA/OAA membership, it is handled online by clicking on the following link:

Once on the NFAA Website, fill out the form as directed. Remember to drop down the State of Membership section and choose Ohio. You will require a credit card to pay for your membership.

Not interested in signing up online? Don't have a credit card or you prefer to pay by check. No problem! Simply open our membership form, print it out, complete the form, and mail the form back with your check to the address on the form. No cash please. OAA Membership Form. Once we receive the form, we'll process your membership for you.

NFAA/OAA Membership Benefits:

NFAA Benefits

  • You can attend any NFAA (national or state), or USA events
  • Compete with the top archers in your class on a State and National levels
  • Earn Awards and National Recognition for your Skills
  • Enjoy a Complimentary Subscription to Archery Magazine.
    Members receive four issues per year featuring tournament information and results, archery news and information, articles on equipment and shooting advice, bowhunting features, and more.

Additional OAA Benefits.

  • Eligible for awards at all OAA tournaments
  • Eligible for OAA Shooter-of-the-Year awards
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