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Ohio Archers (NFAA) Membership Benefits:

Being an Ohio Archers member opens you up too many benefits.

  • Eligible for awards at all OAA tournaments
  • Enjoy free dinner at the OAA Appreciation Dinner during the Field Championship
  • Eligible for the Bow of Your Choice Givaway during the Indoor Championship (particiption in the event is required)
  • Ability to compete in NFAA National events

Benefits to NFAA Membership:

  • You can attend any OAA, NFAA, USA, or NAA (National Archery Association) events
  • Compete with the top archers in your class on a State and National levels
  • Earn Awards and National Recognition for your Skills
  • Enjoy a Complimentary Subscription to Archery Magazine.
    Members receive four issues per year featuring tournament information and results, archery news and information, articles on equipment and shooting advice, bowhunting features, and more.

Become a Certified Instructor In Your Area And Coach Other Archers.

‚ÄčThe NFAA offers a combined instructor program with USA Archery. Archery instructor courses are provided for archers seeking to become archery coaches. Courses cover shooting form, equipment tuning, and teaching techniques. For more information, visit the Certification section at

Becoming A Member Has Never Been Easier!

Become a new member, or renew your existing OAA/NFAA membership online by clicking on the following link:

OAA/NFAA Member Registration/Renewal

Once on the NFAA Website, fill out the form as directed. Remember to drop down the State of Membership section and choose Ohio.


Not interested in signing up online? No problem! Print, complete, and return this form: OAA Membership Form

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