Shooter of the Year Rules & Calculation

Birthdays and Class Changes

NFAA rules require that a shooter must move up age class on their birthday. This can create problems for Shooter-of-the-Year (SOY) points. For example, Chuck Roast is 14 years old on January 1st. On May 23rd, he becomes 15 years. For all the events before his birthday he was shooting as an YMFS (Youth Male Freestyle) but after his birthday we would be shooting as a YAMFS (Young Adult Male Freestyle). So half of the tournaments he attended and SOY points he earned would be under YMFS and half under YAMFS. This would results in Chuck not qualifying for any SOY participation.

To prevent the above situation, if you (or your shooting child/teen) is changing age class during the year, you should start the year at the older class from the very beginning. So under this scenario, Chuck would have shot all his tournaments as YAMFS (Young Adult Male Freestyle) even though his first four tournaments he would have been 14 years old only.

This goes for all age classes - PeeWees, Cubs, Youth, Young Adults, Adults, Senior Adults, Master Senior Adults. You must be mindful of your age class when you are near the cutoff lines.

If you have any questions about this and what you should do in your situation, contact us through the OAA contact form.

SOY General Rules

  • Shooter-of-the-Year Awards/Buckles will not be awarded to "PeeWee" classes.
  • OAA members in good standing, at the time of the event, will receive SOY points.
    • NFAA/Ohio membership required to be eligible for the SOY award
    • Membership must be renewed/in good standing PRIOR to the OAA shooting event (if you are not sure of your membership renewal date, you can email us here to verify) or
    • If you let your NFAA/Ohio membership lapse and then want to be eligible for the SOY you cannot backdate your membership to p/u the points to be eligible – NFAA memberships are 12 months from date of purchase.
    • USA Archery memberships are not considered for the OAA SOY award – archer MUST have an NFAA/Ohio membership.
  • All events will utilize NFAA classes.
  • SOY points will be calculated for each tournament as follows:
    • Archer’s score divided by highest OAA member’s score in the applicable class x 100.
    • An Archer will receive 100 points even if he/she is the only shooter in the class.
    • An Archer will receive zero (0) points for any tournament not shot.
  • Awards will be given to classes where there are two Eligible Archers.
    • Eligible Archer is defined as an OAA member who completes in five of the seven OAA events within the same class.
    • Special Note for 2020 - Eligible Archer is defined as an OAA member who completes in four of the six OAA events within the same class.
  • The Eligible Archer’s best five scores will be used to calculate overall SOY points. For 2020 - It is the best four scores.
  • SOY will be awarded to the Eligible Archer in a specific class who has the highest point total at the end of the season.
  • Age classes and shooting styles will not change during the year even if NFAA institutes a midyear change. OAA will utilize January 1 nomenclature the entire calendar year.
  • Ties will be broken by total x count in all events both archers competed. If total x’s tie, winner will be the archer with the highest x count after the first tournament that was not a tie in the order tournaments were shot by both archers.
  • SOY points are based on final scores in each class. If an error or omission is reported, recorded, calculated or published, it will be corrected and SOY points re-calculated based on actual results.

Revised: (11-04-2019)

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