Shooter of the Year Rules & Calculation

  • OAA members in good standing, at the time of the event, will receive SOY points.
  • All events will utilize NFAA classes.
  • SOY points will be calculated for each tournament as follows:
    • Archer’s score divided by highest OAA member’s score in the applicable class x 100.
    • An Archer will receive 100 points even if he/she is the only shooter in the class.
    • An Archer will receive zero (0) points for any tournament not shot.
  • Awards will be given to classes where there are two Eligible Archers.
    • Eligible Archer is defined as an OAA member who completes in five of the seven OAA events within the same class.
  • The Eligible Archer’s best five scores will be used to calculate overall SOY points.
  • SOY will be awarded to the Eligible Archer in a specific class who has the highest point total at the end of the season.
  • Classes will not change during the year even if NFAA institutes a midyear change. OAA will utilize January 1 nomenclature the entire calendar year.
  • Ties will be broken by total x count in all events both archers competed. If total x’s tie, winner will be the archer with the highest x count after the first tournament that was not a tie in the order tournaments were shot by both archers.
  • SOY points are based on final scores in each class. If an error or omission is reported, recorded, calculated or published, it will be corrected and SOY points re-calculated based on actual results.

Revised: (12-23-2015)

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