Tournament Rules

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General Tournament Rules

  • Bullying
    At the end of the 2023 tournament season several issues were brought to our attention about bullying. Here is a letter from OAA board on our stance on bullying and the what could happen if it does happen. Letter from the OAA board.
  • The Buckeye Team Trophy
    The Buckeye Team Trophy is a new award starting in 2023. We've revamped this back to resembling the heart of the original team round format. The purpose of this format is for a shop/club/business to sponsor shooters that you want to represent you. Also, for the archer, it serves as a reward for frequenting and supporting your business/shop/club.
  • Awards
    This covers the rules for awards and who can receive them. As well as, rules for OAA Iron Archer and OAA Super Slam
  • General Rules
    This covers the general rules of shooting, scoring, challenges, etc.
  • Classes/Shooting Styles
    This covers the rules that govern which NFAA Shooting Class/Style you are including equipment requirements and limitations.
  • New Team Rules
    This covers the rules that govern teams.
  • Gender Policy
    OAA is a state chapter of NFAA. This means we abide by all NFAA policies. All OAA/NFAA competitions are gender-divided, athletes shall only be eligible to compete in the gender division corresponding with the gender of the athlete appearing upon the athlete’s original birth certificate issued by the legal jurisdiction of his or her birth.
  • Protest Form
    If you wish to protest your score, etc. you need to fill out this protest form within 48-hours of the scores being posted.
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