2022 4-Person Team Rules

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The below rules shall apply to 4-Person Teams only unless otherwise noted in the rules of a specific shoot. This does not apply to mixed doubles, bowhunter, women's or senior teams. So, for clarification purposes...you can be on a 4-Person Team and on a Mixed-Double Team. As well, you can be on Mixed-Double Team and Senior Team, etc. You can not be on two different teams of the same type. For example, you can not be on two different Mixed-Double Teams with two different shooters. More importantly for the registers, you must email (info@ohioarchers.com) your team to us before the day of the shoot. We will not be taking any teams including 4-Person teams on the day of the shoot.

  1. General:

    • Team events will be offered at the four (4) non mail-in events only.
      • Indoor 300 State Championship
      • 3D Marked Trail Shoot
      • Field State Championship
      • 900 Round
    • Teams must be pre-registered. No team registrations will occur on the day of the event.
    • All team members must be an OAA or USA archery member.
    • Archers may only shoot on one (1) 4-Person Team.
  2. Teams:

    • Teams shall consist of four (4) archers.
    • Teams shall not have more than two (2) archers from the same class.
  3. Awards:

    • Awards will be provided in accordance with OAA award rules.
    • Awards will be based on the number of registered teams. One award shall be given for one (1) through three (3) teams; Two awards for four (4) through six (6) teams; three awards for seven (7) or more teams.
      • The first-place team will receive one (1) trophy and each participant will receive a first place medal.
      • The 2nd & 3rd place teams (if applicable) will receive a medal for each participant.

Revised (2-10-2022)

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