OAA Classic Rules

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This shoot begins with a 30 arrow (330 max) qualification score to determine both the archer’s flight and flight rank. 2 minute ends.

Immediately following the qualification round, every archer will compete in a seeded flight single elimination. A round will consist of 1 end of 6 shots (6 arrows) on two (2) 3 spot faces (1 top, 1 bottom). Bring a minimum of 6 arrows! 4 minute ends.

Entrance fee: $20

Payout: Top three archers in each flight. Purse = 75% of entrance fees plus $250 minimum from sponsors.

Random prizes: There will be several random prize announcements during the Classic. Next end arrow closest to center and next end arrow furthest from center have both been nominated.

Consolation Prize: Following the last bracket round, all non-­‐first, second or third place flight shooters present will be given a raffle ticket. There will be an immediate drawing and the winner will receive a $50 Lancaster Archery Gift Certificate. Must be present to win.

Scoring: 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 on 40cm yellow, red & blue face.

Purse Distribution examples:

Shooters/Flights $ Distribution to flight Distribution 1,2&3 Place
1-­‐9/1 100% 50-­‐30-­‐20%
10-­‐19/2 65-­‐35% 50-­‐30-­‐20%
20-­‐29/3 50-­‐30-­‐20% 50-­‐30-­‐20%
30-­‐39/4 45.5-­‐26-­‐17-­‐11.5% 50-­‐30-­‐20%
40-­‐49/5 41.9-­‐23-­‐15.5-­‐10.7-­‐8.9% 50-­‐30-­‐20%

*Flight sizes will be determined by number of shooters; NFAA Appendix 1 -­‐ Flight Chart. Each flight will have 5-­‐10 archers. Flight distribution follows NFAA Place Distribution Table.

Ties, qualification: Ties are based on score, # of 11's, then the 1st arrow out of highest scoring ring (longest clean wins)

Ties, tournament: Ties broken by a 1 Arrow Shoot-­‐Off closest to X center.


Qualification: qualification score will only be used to rank (sort) all archers. 1 being highest score and 2 second highest until all are ranked. Flight sizes will be determined according to the NFAA Constitution. In this example all flights consist of 10 shooters. There will be no less than five or more than ten in a flight during the Classic. You will never compete outside your flight (elimination bracket).

Elimination bracket: the archer’s name with the highest score will appear as 1, next highest 2 and so on. In this example, rank 1 is placed on line one for flight one. Rank 11 would be placed on line 1 for flight two and rank 21 on line one for flight three. Only the winner of each round advances. The last round (not shown) is looser to (6 vs. looser to (7 for third place. Five elimination ends total.

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