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Buckeye Trophy Results

2024 Buckeye Trophy Teams and Results

2023 Buckeye Trophy Teams and Results

Buckeye Trophy

The Buckeye Team Trophy is an award we revamped last year. This is to resemble the heart of the original team round format. The purpose of this format is for a shop/club/business to sponsor shooters that you want to represent you. Also, for the archer, it serves as a reward for frequenting and supporting your business/shop/club. This would garner more attention, create awareness, showing you support your shooters but also promote a sense of pride and accomplishment for your group/shop/club/business.

OAA found that the team round had evolved into selecting random shooters that would provide the highest combined X count for that particular shoot and had gotten away from any logical team round format. So, we've put together the following new team rules/format. This replaces the 4-Person Team format you've seen in the past.

The winning Team will be awarded a trophy at year end and will have "bragging rights" for (1) year until it is awarded to the next years winning team. There will be (1) Team trophy to proudly be displayed at the shop/club/business and then (5) smaller trophies to be awarded to each of the Team members. This will be awarded at the end of the year at the 900 Round event.

Each Team must consist of (5) archers of mixed classes, ages, and gender to create diversity and promote competition of all ages. A team consisting of (5) archers will help all signed up teams stay in the hunt for the Buckeye Trophy, should 1 of the Team members not be able to shoot at one of the 4 required events. Each Team that is registered should be named or sponsored by a shop/business/club. A shop/business/club can sponsor more than one Team. The archers on the Team should be shooters that support that shop/business/club and are sponsored by such.

Registrations for the 5-Person Teams must be done prior to March 7th, 2024, in writing (attached form) to be approved prior to the first scored event. (Which is the Indoor 300 Championship on March 9th, 2024)

New Rules, Format & Requirements:

  • Team events will consist of all (4) non-mail in events only
    • Indoor 300 Championship, 3D Marked Trail Shoot, Field State Championship, and the 900 Round (so make sure when selecting your team, they commit to shoot these 4 events so the team is eligible)
  • Each Team must be approved by OAA prior to the first event.
  • 5-Person Teams are pre-registered by John or Lori. Additional registration by archer prior to event is not necessary
  • 5-Person Teams are to be pre-paid prior to shooting event (cost below).
  • Top 4 scores will be used for each event with lowest team member score being dropped, as long as a member score from youth, senior, or female is still included for team total each event.
  • Only (2) shooters from an age class and shooting style is allowed, with at least 3 different classes represented (2 of the 5 shooters must be either youth, young adult, senior, or female class).
  • An archer cannot be on 2 different 5-Person Teams.
  • Each Team member must be an OAA/NFAA member in good standing.
  • A 5-Person Team needs to be decided on and submitted prior to March 7th, 2024, for approval.
  • An archer on a 5-Person Team can still shoot on a Mixed Doubles, Bowhunter, Women's or Senior Teams. (But cannot be on another 5-Person Team)
    • The cost for the 5-Person Team is $60/per shooting event ($12.00/each archer, per event) or $240/year. The $240 is due in full prior to March 7th, 2024.
  • The total fee needs to be paid by the sponsoring shop/business/club, but it is up to the shop/business/club whether they ask their Team members to pay to be on the Team, or if they will cover this cost for their archers selected.
  • Team/Individual awards will NOT be handed out for the 5-Person Team after each event. There will be no records patch awarded to the top team. Buckeye Team Trophies are awarded at year end only.

Revised (10/11/2023)

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