Indoor Bowhunter Round Rules

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  1. Standard Unit:

    • Shall consist of 32 arrows; shot as 1 game, at a distance of 20 yards. Each game shall consist of 32 ends of 1 arrow per end. Note: Each animal will be shot 8 times
    • Cubs (under 12) will shoot at a distance of 10 yards.
    • You can only shoot one class/style per event.
  2. Targets:

    • The targets will be the following Maple Leaf Novelty Animals.
      • B&W Coyote RA-01
      • B&W Raccoon RA-02
      • B&W Javalina RA-03
      • B&W Goose RA-05
    • A set of targets consists of four unique animals placed in a row.
    • There will be an upper and lower row of animals.
      • Upper and lower animals must be the same. Example: fox over fox.
    • If a club utilizes/designates more than one set of four upper and lower targets, each set must have the animals in the same sequence.
  3. Shooting Rules:

    • If a clock is available, the shooting time will be one minute. If not, archers will have one let down.
    • Each archer will begin in a lane and shoot the entire round in one set or four lanes.
    • The lower target must be shot first.
      • One arrow will be shot per end.
    • After the upper target is shot (second line), Arrows will be scored, and pulled.
    • Each archer will then move one lane to the right within his/her set. Example: animal 1 to animal 2, animal 2 to animal 3, animal 3 to animal 4 and animal 4 to animal 1.
    • Four times through the above sequence (16 arrows) constitutes half of a round.
    • After one half of the round, archers will return to the lane in which they began and shoot the row (upper/lower) they have not shot for the second half.
    • Practice shall consist of one arrow shot at each animal.
  4. Scoring

    • Each animal will be scored: X(10), 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, M(0).
    • Any arrow outside of the body line of the animal is scored as a M(0).
    • An arrow shaft need only touch the line (including body line) to be counted in the area of the next higher value.
    • Any arrow shot at the wrong target will be scored M(0).

Refer to current NFAA by-laws for topics beyond the scope of this document.

This link is for a sample of the scoring card.

Revised (12-23-2015)

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