Indoor Bowhunter Round Rules

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  1. Standard Unit:

    • Shall consist of 32 arrows; shot as 1 game, at a distance of 20 yards. Each game shall consist of 32 ends of 1 arrow per end. Note: Each animal will be shot 8 times
    • Cubs (8-11) will shoot at a distance of 10 yards.
    • PeeWees (under 8) will shoot at a distance of 5 yards.
    • You can only shoot one class/style per event.
  2. Targets:

    • The targets will be the following Maple Leaf Novelty Animals.
      • B&W Coyote RA-01
      • B&W Raccoon RA-02
      • B&W Javalina RA-03
      • B&W Goose RA-05
    • A set of targets consists of four unique animals placed in a row.
    • There will be an upper and lower row of animals.
      • Upper and lower animals must be the same. Example: fox over fox.
    • If a club utilizes/designates more than one set of four upper and lower targets, each set must have the animals in the same sequence.
  3. Shooting Rules:

    • If a clock is available, the shooting time will be one minute. If not, archers will have one let down.
    • Each archer will begin in a lane and shoot the entire round in one set or four lanes.
    • The lower target must be shot first.
      • One arrow will be shot per end.
    • After the upper target is shot (second line), Arrows will be scored, and pulled.
    • Each archer will then move one lane to the right within his/her set. Example: animal 1 to animal 2, animal 2 to animal 3, animal 3 to animal 4 and animal 4 to animal 1.
    • Four times through the above sequence (16 arrows) constitutes half of a round.
    • After one half of the round, archers will return to the lane in which they began and shoot the row (upper/lower) they have not shot for the second half.
    • Practice shall consist of one arrow shot at each animal.
  4. Scoring

    • Each animal will be scored: X(10), 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, M(0).
    • Any arrow outside of the body line of the animal is scored as a M(0).
    • An arrow shaft need only touch the line (including body line) to be counted in the area of the next higher value.
    • Any arrow shot at the wrong target will be scored M(0).
  5. Conduct

    • Un-sportsmanlike conduct, cheating and bullying will not be tolerated at any OAA event. This includes all hosting mail-in event locations.
    • A competitor and/or spectator not following the established tournament rules, improper conduct from the above stated rule will have an immediate action. Disciplinary actions from warnings to disqualifications are at the NFAA Director and/or Ohio Archers officer discretion after full review.

Refer to current NFAA by-laws for topics beyond the scope of this document.

This link is for a sample of the scoring card.

Revised (12-23-2015)

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