Indoor 300 Round Rules

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  1. Standard Unit:

    • Shall consist of 60 arrows, shot as three games, at a distance of 20 yards. Each game shall consist of four ends of five arrows per end.
      • Half way through the scoring portion on the Indoor Round, archers shooting bottom targets will move their target face to the top, and archers shooting top targets will move their target face to the bottom.

    Shooting Distances by Age Group

    • Adult / Senior - 20 yards
    • Youth / Young Adult (ages 12-17) - 20 yards
    • Cubs (ages 8-11) - 10 yards
    • PeeWee (ages under 8) - 5 yards
  2. Targets:

    • The target shall be 40 cm in diameter and shall be of a dull blue color. The spot shall be two white rings with blue X in center ring. All inscribed scoring rings shall be white.
    • The bullseye shall be 8 cm in diameter with a 4 cm X-ring.
    • The Tournament Director may allow the archer to use the Five Spot Target. (See paragraph 5 below for description of target and method of scoring).
  3. Shooting Positions:

    • Shooting positions will provide sufficient area to enable two archers to safely shoot simultaneously at one target butt.
  4. Shooting Rules:

    • An archer must straddle the shooting line or distance. A disabled archer shooting from a chair or wheelchair will place the chair legs or wheels straddling the shooting line or distance marker.
    • The time limit shall be four minutes per end.
    • The method of breaking ties will be at the discretion of the tournament director.
    • In the event of equipment failure, the archer will have fifteen minutes repair time without holding up the tournament. One practice end will be allowed. The archer shall be allowed to shoot any arrows he or she did not shoot during the fifteen minutes repair time after the final end.
    • Two ends of practice will be allowed at all Indoor National and Sectional Tournaments and be optional at State Level and below.
  5. Scoring:

    • The scoring is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 from the spot out.
    • X-rings shall be counted and used as tie breakers and will be considered part of the official score.
    • Archers shall record X's and numeric values of each arrow in each scoring box before touching or drawing any arrows from the target. No archer may touch the target face before all arrows are scored.


      End Score Each Arrow Total X’s
      1 x x x 5 5 25 3
      2 x x x x 5 25 4
      3 x x x x 3 23 4
      4 x x x x 4 24 4
      Game 1 Totals 97 15

    • An arrow cutting two rings shall be scored in the ring of greater value. Scoring is determined by the position of the shaft. In all NFAA Rounds, an arrow shaft need only touch the line to be counted in the area of next higher value.
      • In the event the scoring ring has become distorted due to torn or missing paper, the scorer shall visually reconstruct the natural arc of the scoring ring to determine the value of the arrow(s).
    • Witnessed bounce outs or arrows passing completely through the target will be re-shot.
    • Hits on the wrong target will be scored as misses.
    • When an arrow is dropped while the archer is in the act of shooting, he/she may shoot another arrow in place of the dropped arrow if any portion of the dropped arrow is within ten feet of the shooting line.
    • If an archer shoots more than the prescribed number of arrows in an end, the excess arrow or arrows of higher value will not be scored. A penalty of one point will be assessed for each arrow shot over the prescribed number of arrows.
    • If an archer shoots less than the prescribed number of arrows in one end he/she may shoot his/her remaining arrows if the omission is discovered before the end is officially completed; otherwise they shall be scored as misses.
    • When using the NFAA Indoor Five Spot Target:
      • An archer may shoot the 5 spot target in any order and shoot as many arrows into any spot as the archer desires, not to exceed the prescribed number of arrows per end.
      • Scoring shall be five points for the combined four cm. X-ring and 8 cm. white ring and four points for the combined twelve cm. and sixteen cm. blue rings.
    • When using the Indoor 5-spot target:
      • An archer may shoot the 5-spot target in any order, and shoot five arrows into any spot as the archer desires, not to exceed the prescribed number of arrows per end.
    • The target group, which generally consists of four archers, will select a score caller, two scorekeepers, and a target captain. The target captain shall be the judge of disputed arrows on his/her target. When a captains arrows are in question, the majority of the group shall decide the status of the target captain’s arrows. When a line judge has been appointed by the tournament director and an appeal is made to the line judge, the line judge’s call will be final.
  6. Conduct

    • Un-sportsmanlike conduct, cheating and bullying will not be tolerated at any OAA event. This includes all hosting mail-in event locations.
    • A competitor and/or spectator not following the established tournament rules, improper conduct from the above stated rule will have an immediate action. Disciplinary actions from warnings to disqualifications are at the NFAA Director and/or Ohio Archers officer discretion after full review.

Refer to current NFAA by-laws for topics beyond the scope of this document.

Revised (12-23-2015)

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