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2023 Marked 3D Money Shoot

May 28, 2023

The 2023 Marked 3D Money Shoot is a team only individual entries/prizes for this event. If you enter this be part of a two-person team.

OAA Trail shoot Money Rules:

  • All general rules for the OAA trail shoot will apply
  • All money shooters must pay the OAA trail shoot fee as well as the money shoot fee
  • Money shooters will pay cash at time of check in day of shoot
  • 100% of Money shoot entry fees will be paid back to winning archers
  • Money shoot winners will paid back after the shoot is finalized and posted (via paypal or check)
  • Participants of the money shoot are not required to be NFAA members
  • Teams are $40 per team / $20 per shooter (any class - see rules below)
  • Shooters groups can have a max of 1 requested group member.
  • Young Adult & Youth can opt into money shoot via adult classes (Youth maintain their NFAA classes) Cub and PeeWee classes are NOT ELIGIBLE 

Marked 3D Trail Shoot Team Rules

This applies ONLY to the money shoot portion of the Marked 3D shoot & is separate from the 5-person Team/Buckeye Trophy rules.

  • Two (2) archers can make up a team.
    • These two (2) archers don't have to be shooting together, be in the same class, or age group, however the team can only have one "Pro" shooter on their team.
  • The best score from the two archers at each target will be taken as the team's score.
    • Score cards MUST be filled out correctly. If you start on Target #5, you start scoring on Target #5 on the score card.   
  • Ties will be broken in a shoot off after all 40 Targets have been shot.
    • If a Team member leaves early & isn’t present to participate in the shoot off, they default and the other Team wins.
  • Cost for the team event is $40 ($20 per shooter), pay out to the top 3 teams (1st-50% / 2nd-35% / 3rd-15%)
  • Team tie breaker shoot off rules:
    • Archers from both teams will shoot at same target at same distance and the closest arrow from all 4 arrow breaks tie.

Tie Breaker – Manditory:

Money shooters will be required to stay for a shoot off if there is a tie. There will be a designated area on the course with an animal target with the appropriately sized dot, the tied shooters will shoot ONE arrow (sudden death) for the tie breaker. If both archers shoot inside the dot, an OAA officer/line judge will measure the arrow & the closest to the center wins the higher placement. If the archer chooses to leave & not stay for the shoot off, they forfeit their chance at first place etc.

Team Pay out is as follows:

  • 1st – 50%
  • 2nd – 35%
  • 3rd  _  15%

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