Registration For

2024 Indoor 300 State Championship

March 9, 2024

Single day event with two shooting times in Millersburg, Ohio.

2024 Shooting times are:

  • Saturday March 9, 2024 at 10:00am for Young Adults, Youth, Cub and PeeWee classes.
  • Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 3:00pm for Adults, Seniors, Silver Seniors, Master Senior, and Pro classes.

When you register, if your assigned shooting time on the registration does not match the above times, please contact us to see if there is a problem or your shooting class has been mis-assigned.

Shooting Distances by Age Group:

  • Adult / Senior - 20 yards
  • Youth / Young Adult (ages 12-17) - 20 yards
  • Cubs (ages 8-11) - 10 yards
  • PeeWee (age under 8) - 5 yards

Note: You must shoot at the date and time listed corresponding to your shooting class and must be there 60 minutes prior to shooting. Registration is limited so register early to guarantee yourself a shooting spot. Practice will be 1/2 hour prior to shooting times. Show up 1 hour prior to shooting time to complete registration. Awards will be presented immediately after the shooting time.

Registration Fees This Year...

Registration Fees: If you register online prior to March 5th, you will save $10 off the regular registration fee. Almost enough money to get that new 2024 OAA t-shirt or ball cap at the shoot. Register early, save some money and help us make a better shoot.

Registration fees prior to March 5th

  • Adult/Pro Fee - $45
  • Young Adult/Youth - $30
  • Cub Fee - $10

Registration fees on or after March 5th:

  • Adult/Pro Fee - $55
  • Young Adult/Youth - $40
  • Cub Fee - $20

When registering, don't forget to select your shooting day/time. The registration form will reflect the correct registration fee based on the date/time you are registering.

Team Shooting:

The following teams will be offered this year at the 300 Championship:

  • Team – 4-person (sign up at beginning of year, no registration at event)
  • Women – 2 women: $20
  • Senior – 2 men or women: $20
  • Mixed Double – 1 man/1 woman: $20
  • Bowhunters – 2 men or 2 women: $20.
  • Youth – 2-person: $20

Teams must be registered via email before the event. New team rules.

This is the new streamline registration form. The first time you register here you will have to complete all your information. Future event registrations, we will be able to look up your information based on your email address or nickname you create for yourself. Each person must have either a unique email address or nickname! One email address can be used for a family but each member of that family must have a unigue nickname. If you can't remember if you signed up for this shoot checkout our Tournament Registration Lookup page.

This form must be filled out completely! If you are not an NFAA/Ohio member, you select "None of the above / Guest" for Membership. Fields with must be filled in or your registration will be rejected until you complete those marked fields.

Start by entering your email address or nickname.
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You can pay for your registration immediately online with a credit card or PayPal™ by clicking the "Online Credit Card or PayPal" button that link or mail in your payment by click the "Mail in Your Payment" button. If you decide to mail in your payment a separate window will open with your completed registration form. Print that out and mail it in with your check made payable to "OAA". The mailing address will be on the printed form.

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