2022 900 Round

 2022 900 Round
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August 20, 2022
Location Information:

The 900 Round will be held at Miller's Gun Supply in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Here is a link to the shop info on our website.


Fee Information:

Early Bird Registration: If you register online prior to August 6th, you will save $10 off the registration fee. Almost enough money to get that new 2022 OAA t-shirt or ball cap at the shoot. Register early, save some money and help us make a better shoot.

Prior to August 6th:

  • Adult/Pro Fee - $35
  • Young Adult/Youth Fee - $20
  • Cub Fee - $10.

After August 6th:

  • Adult/Pro Fee - $45
  • Young Adult/Youth Fee - $30
  • Cub Fee - $20

Ohio Senior Olympics Special Note: If you are shooting both the Ohio Senior Olympics (OSO) and the OAA 900 Round, you must register for both events. However, you only pay for one event. One event you can use PayPal to pay for the registration and the other event just select mail in payment but don't mail in your payment. Then you will only owe $15.00 at the time of the event for the OSO t-shirt. If you accidentally pay for both events we will credit you back your money on one of the registrations.

  • YOU MUST ARRIVE 1 HOUR OR SOONER before the start. If you arrive at 10:30 or after, we cannot guarantee you a shooting spot, so please plan ahead.
  • Teams/Mixed Doubles can sign up the day of for an additional $20
  • Rules & format for this shoot are at this link: https://www.ohioarchers.com/tournament/900round.asp
  • Water and food will be available for purchase.
  • 15 minute breaks between yardage changes.

This event will be rain or shine. This is our last event of the year and a favor among many shooters. Show up an 1 hour to the start of the event. There is plenty of space to setup a canopy tent to keep cool from the sun or dry from the rain. As long as restrictions have been lifted, we plan on doing Shooter of the Year & Super Slam awards immediately after. The Amish and Miller's Gun has a consession stand right there with a pavillion. Really a great setup. Even swings and stuff for kids. You can read more about this event by following this link.

New 2022 Shooting times:

  • Actual Event: 11:00am
  • Shooters Meeting: 10:30am


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