2024 NFAA Great Lakes Outdoor Sectionals

 2024 NFAA Great Lakes Outdoor Sectionals
June 8-9, 2024
Location Information:

This year the shoot will be at Ashland Bowmen, 1930 County Rd. 1035, Ashland, Ohio.

This is a two day shoot:

  • Day 1 (Saturday): 28 target Field Round
  • Day 2 (Sunday): 14 target Hunter Round and 14 target Animal Round

This is a link to the club info on our site. Our website info includes a link to their website and Google maps for a location/directions. Registration is limited so register early to guarantee yourself a shooting spot. This link will show you nearby hotels. The event location is very close to Ashland University so there will be plenty of places to stay if you need to stay overnight. Shooting time is a shoot gun start at 10am. There will be a practice range setup. First target is practice. Practice ends at the start of the shooters' meeting. Shooters' meeting will be 1/2 hour prior to start of the tournament.

This shoot will go on rain or shine and will only pause for lighting.

Fee Information:
  • YOU MUST ARRIVE 1 HOUR OR SOONER before the start. If you arrive at 9:30 or after, we cannot guarantee you a shooting spot, so please plan ahead.
  • Rules & format for this shoot are at this link: https://www.ohioarchers.com/tournament/fieldround.asp
  • We will also have the rules printed out for you to take on the course with you.
  • Water will be placed along the course and Ashland Bowmen will be serving food. There will be no break. If you want to stop for food/water that is a decision your group makes.
  • After shooting, all shooters will turn in their score cards & placings will be posted on our website at a later time. Awards for Ohio Archers members will be available for pick up at the next shoot in August.

You must be registerted prior to the shooting meeting on Saturday. Practice range will be open prior to the shoot. Show up 1 hour prior to shooting time to complete registration. Awards will not be presented immediately after the shoot completion and will be available at the next shoot. This shoot will go on rain or shine and will only pause for lighting. You can read more about this event by following this link.

Shooting times:

  • Shotgun start: 10:00am
  • Shooter meeting: 9:30am
  • Check in / Registration 8am - 9:30am

This link goes to the trail map of the course.

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