NFAA Field Round Changes for 2020

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Rationale: (Describe briefly existing problem and expected benefit of proposed change)

In an effort to increase participation and ease the burden on host locations or potential host locations because of space and safety concerns we have taken a reasonable, ethical and common sense look at what the intent of the game was in the 50's when it implemented. Taking into consideration the loss of more than ½ the flied ranges in the USA we've applied todays equipment, the time and space limitations the shooters and clubs are combatting on a routine basis. We've also considered competitor safety and resiliency in hard weather to make slight modifications to the Field, Hunter, and Animal rounds in a sincere effort to revive the game of field archery in the USA.

Feedback from those asked across all spectrums of shooters has suggested that this will be a very well received change.

  • It would reduce the ½ round from 14 to 12 and the full round from 28 to 24.
  • It would reduce the total arrows shot from 56 on a ½ to 36 and 112 on a full to 72 (35% less).
  • It would reduce the space needed to have a host range (thereby allowing opportunity for more ranges).
  • It would reduce the time spent on course in adverse weather (potential to increase participation).
  • It would reduce the time to complete the round presumably increasing participation. Average 5 hours to approximately 3.25 hours.

The following changes are proposed:

  • Each distance reduced to 3 arrows
  • All Walkups changed to - Shoot all from the furthest prescribed distance
  • All Fans changed to - Shoot 3 arrows from one position.
  • 80 Yd walkup removed (Field)
  • 45 Yd walkup removed (Field) - (would be duplicate distance)
  • 70 Yd walkup removed (Hunter)
  • 64 Yd walkup removed (Hunter)
  • 59 Yd walkup removed (Animal)
  • 57 Yd walkup removed (Animal)
  • Animal round - modify the walk up and reduced point for a miss rule if you miss, just reshoot from the same distance and take the current point reduction as is.
  • Allow for shooting any face on a butt that has multiple faces.

Notes. Field saves 17 stakes. Hunter saves 12 stakes. Animal saves 18 stakes. - 47 Stakes

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