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Ohio Archer's Association

Promoting archery throughout the state of Ohio.

For the 2016 season, OAA implemented a new registration/payment system

  • Register at
    Mail In Events
    • Register online and bring payment to host club the day of the event
    Statewide Events
    • Register and pay online (Paypal or Credit Card) up to 48 hours prior to tournament.
    • Register online, print the form and postmark it with payment up to seven days prior to tournament.
  • Once registration AND payment are received, you are registered.
  • First come, first served unregistered archers will be registered at the shoot.
    • An additional $5 fee will be charged for day of shoot registration.

All of us at Ohio Archers hope this creates a more enjoyable 2016 tournament season. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the events.

Warmest regards, Ohio Archers

Latest OAA News

  • All New Event Registration: Online registration is availble for all events now. Event registration has been extremely streamlined after you register for your first event on the new system. We strongly encourage you to use the online registration for even the mail-in's because the new registration system ties directly to our new automated Shoot-of-the-Year system. Included with the new registration system, you will be able to pay for all non mail-in events online which will greatly streamline the check-in at tournaments.
  • Registration Lookup: If you can't remember if you signed up for a tournament, we now have a Tournament Registration Lookup page where you can check if you are registered for an event.
  • New Photo Galleries: All 2015 Photo galleries are all available online. See the photo galleries and your fellow shooters.

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Please register online even for mail-in events.

2016 Bowhunter Mail-in

Event Date: January 15-17, 2016

Register Online For This Event >>>

2016 Vegas 450 Mail-in

Event Date: February 5-7, 2016

Register Online For This Event >>>

2016 NFAA Great Lakes Indoor Sectionals

Event Date: February 27-28, 2016

Event Location: Registration for this event is by mail-in form. Shooting is done at Fostori ... read more on events page.


2016 Indoor 300 State Championship

Event Date: March 5-6, 2016

Event Location: The Indoor 300 State Championship will be held at Ashland High School, 1440 ... read more on events page.

Register Online For This Event >>>

You can not check what tournaments you have registered for by going to our Tournament Registration Lookup page.

For a complete list of upcoming events, see our events page.

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2015 "Shooter of the Year" Winners

Congratulations to all the shooters of the years...a job well done!

Alexis Angus - CFBHFS
Elizabeth Walsh - YFBHFS
Lori Burnett - AFFS
Denton Guthrie - AMBHFS
Mark Herring - AMFS

Jerry Allread - SMBHFS
Dennis Bowers - SMFS
Jeff Apel - SSMFS
Dustin Bounce - PMFS