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2021 Field Championship

Event Date: June 26-27, 2021

Event Location: This year the shoot will be at Ashland Bowmen, 1930 County Rd. 1035, Ashlan ... read more

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Latest OAA News

  • Results for the Marked 3D Trail Shoot are up. We had a total of 181 registered participants for this first outdoor event of 2021. We appreciate the great support. 2021's Shooter of the Year points are posted. If you medalled you can pick up your medals/awards at the next shoot.
  • The second outdoor tournament for 2021 is one of my favorites, the 2-Day State Field Championship at Ashland Bowmen in Ashland, Ohio on June 26-27, 2021. This is a great event to find out how good you really are - very challenging with shots from 20ft to 80yd. Cubs and PeeWees shoot at shorter distances.You must register online for this shoot. You can read all the rules on the Field Championship here. If you have any questions about this shoot use our contact form and we help you out.
  • Historic OAA Photographs. We've added a bunch of historic images to the "Historic Image Gallery". Check them out, they are pretty cool. We are looking for any historic images you might have to add to our photo gallery. Anything prior to 2010 is applicable, the older the better. If you can't scan your images they can be sent to John Siebert and he'll take of getting them scanned and returned to you. You can contact him at You can use this same email address to either email the images or to contact him for DropBox access to upload the images. If you are sending digital files, we would want them as large as possible.
    It's important to capture these images in a digital format so that they are not lost. Your help at preserving this slice of history is greatly appreciated.

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2020 Shoot of the Year Winners
  • Autumne VandygriffAFBHFS
  • Lori BurnettAFFS
  • Randy MillerAMBHFS
  • Zachary PlannickAMFS
  • Jason PfisterAMFSLR
  • Jyllian HolmanCFBHFS
  • Kylee BurchettCFFS
  • Colton HamiltonPMFS
  • Roy MillerSMBHFS
  • David  Schmackers SMFS
  • Daniel McCabeSSMFS
  • Ena WalterYAFFS
  • Spencer GottschlingYAMBHFS
  • Wayne HitchcockYMFS
2020 Super Slam Awards
  • Kylee BurchettCFFS
  • Hayden MoermondCMFS
OAA Iron Archer

2020 Iron Archer

We would like to first acknowledge all the archers who shot all seven events this year:

Gabrielle Baker (YAFFS); Kaylee Baker (AFFS); Kevin Barto (AMBHFS); Troy Blodgett (SMBHFS); Kylee Burchett (CFFS); Tate Cole (YAMBB); Bridgett Crawford (AFBHFS); Zach Cromer (AMFS); Collin Daniels (YAMBHFS); Ron Daniels (AMBHFS); Brad Davis (AMFS); Scott Emery (SMBHFS); Spencer Gottschling (YAMBHFS); Joshua Harlan (AMFS); Mike Hawkinberry (SMFS); Wayne Hitchcock (YMFS); Joseph Joseph (YAMBHFS); Jeremy Kunsman (AMFS); John Lambes (AMFSLR); Owen Lange (YMFS); Travis Leyman (AMFS); Randy Miller (AMBHFS); Roy Miller (SMBHFS); Hayden Moermond (CMFS); Katie Moermond (CFFS); Kevin Mowers (AMFS); Lane Niekamp (PWMBHFS); Michael Niekamp (AMFS); Kyle Roush (AMBHFS); John Siebert (SSMFS); Chrystal Skidmore (AFFS ); Beverly Stambul (PFFS); Ena Walter (YAFFS); Jace Walters (YMFS);

Congratulation and we thank you for your support. The winners of the Iron Archer are:

  • Kevin BartoAMBHFS
  • Ron DanielsAMBHFS
  • Scott EmerySMFSL
  • John LambesAMFSLR
  • Hayden MoermondCMFS

The winners will have their NFAA membership paid by the OAA for 2021.

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