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in the state of Ohio.

established 1889
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2023 NFAA Great Lakes Indoor Sectionals

Event Date: February 25-26, 2023

Event Location: NEW FOR 2023 – You must register/pay for this event using the Sport80 ... read more

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2022 Shoot of the Year Winners
  • Autumne VandygriffAFBHFS
  • Ena WalterAFFS
  • Erin FleakAFFSLR
  • Kyle RoushAMBHFS
  • Joseph HershbergerAMFS
  • Ember ZelinskiCFBHFS
  • Tinley HolmanCFFS
  • Luke CuniganCMBHFS
  • Randy MoroccoPMFS
  • Lori BurnettSFFS
  • Jeff SolicSMBHFS
  • Chuck AmosSMFS
  • Michael GossardSSMFS
  • Maggie FairchildYAFBHFS
  • Isabella  NewmoyerYAFFSLR
  • Dom Boldizar YAMBHFS
  • Tyler LeningtonYAMFS
  • Jyllian HolmanYFFS
  • Wayne HitchcockYMFS
2022 Super Slam Awards
  • Erin FleakAFFSLR
  • Tinley HolmanCFFS
  • Elliott HarderCMBB
  • Evelyn WellsPWFBHFS
  • Lori BurnettSFFS
OAA Iron Archer

2022 Iron Archer

We would like to first acknowledge all the archers who shot all seven events this year:

Dylan Aubel (YAFBHFS); Troy Blodgett (SMFS); Lori Burnett (SFFS); Kaleb Cook (YAMBHFS); Luke Cunigan (CMBHFS); Ron Daniels (AMFS); Ava Edney (YAFBHFS); Noah Escobar (CMBHFS); Walker Fackler (AMFS); Maggie Fairchild (YAFBHFS); Erin Fleak (AFFSLR); Sarafina Galinac (CFFS); Ryan Goforth (YAMBHFS); Elliott Harder (CMBB); Mike Hawkinberry (SMFS); Joseph Hershberger (AMFS); Wayne Hitchcock (YMFS); Tinley Holman (CFFS); Joseph Joseph (YAMFS); John Lambes (AMFSLR); Tyler Lenington (YAMFS); Nathan Lerette (AMFS); Chaz Moore (AMBHFS); Dan Murphy (SMFS); Nataleigh Newhouse (YAFBHFS); Miranda Perkins (YFBHFS); Chad Ratta (PMFS); Kyle Roush (AMBHFS); John Siebert (SSMFS); Chrystal Skidmore (AFBHFS); Jeff Solic (SMBHFS); Sue Tolles (SFFS); Autumne Vandygriff (AFBHFS); Jace Walters (YMFS); Evelyn Wells (PWFBHFS); Dana Whipp (AFFS);

Congratulation and we thank you for your support. The winners of the Iron Archer are:

  • Noah EscobarCMBHFS
  • Sarafina GalinacCFFS
  • Joseph JosephAMFS
  • Chaz MooreAMBHFS
  • Chrystal SkidmoreAFBHFS

The winners will have their NFAA membership paid by the OAA for 2023.

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