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Posted on: 12/8/2019 by John Siebert
Have you ever watched a professional archer shoot a brilliant set of arrows, and wondered how they did it? We asked five top archers how they started in archery, which steps helped them reach such high levels, and what advice they offer up-and-coming archers.  Read More
Posted on: 12/1/2019 by John Siebert
Thousands of bows and crossbows are available to purchase online with a few clicks of the mouse. They’ll be delivered to your door and best of all, prices are ultra-competitive. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find comparable pricing inside any brick-and-mortar retail store.  Read More
Posted on: 11/1/2019 by John Siebert
Innovation has entered the sphere of archery with smart archery equipment being introduced by manufacturers in the international market to stay ahead of competition. Earlier this year, two state-of-the-art auto-range digitalized laser powered bow sights were introduced in the archery equipment market – the one-of-a-kind archery equipment to be launched in the market.   Read More
Posted on: 5/10/2018 by John Siebert
A pro-am archery tournament is back in the Augusta area for the third year in a row. The Leupold ASA Tour kicked off Thursday at Wildwood Park, in Appling. The tournament brings in almost 2,000 archers from more than 35 states.  Read More
Posted on: 5/10/2018 by John Siebert
Beyond throwing rocks, archery is perhaps the most universal known means of warfare and hunting throughout the world. Dating to over 10,000 years ago and - with the exception of Australasia - practiced virtually everywhere occupied by humankind. While largely replaced by the firearm at the start of the modern age, the bow and arrow remained an exclusively noble sport in many places until it experienced a renaissance in the 19th century as a sport of elegance and skill for both men and women.  Read More
Posted on: 2/18/2018 by John Siebert
Three days is a long time for a nine-year-old kid to wait for a bow-and-arrow set he’d picked out of the Eaton’s catalogue to be delivered. I was so proud as I ventured outside with bow in hand and my four wooden arrows in a homemade quiver. As I recall, I only had the darned thing a few hours before I managed to snap it in half. It took me the better part of two years to save up enough money to purchase a bow of better quality. That was a long time ago and both those bows are a part of the distant past. However, my interest in archery has always lingered and, over the years, I have owned a variety of bows and all I can say is that each and every time I have nocked an arrow and drawn back the bow string, I have felt both a sense of anticipation and challenge.  Read More
Posted on: 1/31/2018 by John Siebert
Four-time Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion Brady Ellison beat Canada’s Crispin Duenas in the recurve men’s final at the Lancaster Archery Classic for the second consecutive year to successfully defend his title, and medal in his second consecutive major indoor tournament of the new year. Ellison finished second at stage two of the Indoor Archery World Cup in Nimes, to Steve Wijler, just a week prior.  Read More
Posted on: 1/31/2018 by John Siebert
You've probably been bowhunting or target shooting for a while and even bought a new bow or three. If that's true, you might be set in your ways when it comes to seeking a new venison making machine. Or, perhaps you are somewhat new to the game, and are not sure where to start. Regard less, I am sure that someplace you have read the usual advice on how to choose a new hunting compound bow. Rest assured the following is not the same old advice you've read before.  Read More