Posted on: 1/7/2020 by John Siebert
The Indoor Archery World Series is an international tour of major open entry indoor tournaments for professional and amateur archers. NBC will broadcast the Indoor Archery World Series Finals live from Las Vegas on its Olympic Channel on cable for the first time. The event takes place at 20h00 local on Saturday 8 February 2020 and is the culmination of a six-event international tour that started in Macau in November 2019.  Read More
Posted on: 12/17/2019 by John Siebert
Archers often debate whether shooting indoors benefits outdoor shooting, but I think it can be valuable. It shows, for example, how your mental game holds up under pressure without the effects of wind, weather and other external factors. Letís review some keys to indoor shooting.  Read More
Posted on: 12/9/2019 by John Siebert
The compound bow has been a game changer ever since its introduction in the late 1960ís. It relatively quickly gained acceptance for bowhunting and for American recreational archery. However, it took more than 20 years for compound to be accepted at the global levels of the sport of target archery. Target compound, in the context of World Archery, took 20 years to be established, and now has a 29-year history. It has now been accepted at every level of competition worldwide, with one prominent exception- it still isnít in the Olympic Games.  Read More
Posted on: 12/8/2019 by John Siebert
Have you ever watched a professional archer shoot a brilliant set of arrows, and wondered how they did it? We asked five top archers how they started in archery, which steps helped them reach such high levels, and what advice they offer up-and-coming archers.  Read More
Posted on: 12/1/2019 by John Siebert
Thousands of bows and crossbows are available to purchase online with a few clicks of the mouse. Theyíll be delivered to your door and best of all, prices are ultra-competitive. In fact, youíll be hard-pressed to find comparable pricing inside any brick-and-mortar retail store.  Read More
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